#101 The Stuff to do: Union Station

I remember the first time I walked into Union Station.   My guess is that it was sometime in the early 1990’s.  It was beautiful.  In 2000, I took my first trip from Los Angeles Union Station.  Tate and I went to San Diego.  One of our 1-on-1 weekends.  We took the train, stayed in a quaint hotel and went to see a musical, 42nd Street, I believe.  That started it all, my love for train travel.


Later, I took a tour of Union Station – and learned about the architecture and the volume of people that move through the station each day.

Since my first exposure to the historic Union Station, I have traveled to and from this station more than 100 times.

  • Trips locally, on the metro or subway
  • Trips to Santa Barbara, Oceanside, San Capistrano, San Diego, Paseo Robles, and San Jose
  • Frequent trips on the FlyAway to LAX
  • Weekly trips to San Clemente for work

There once was a wonderful little bagel place near the entrance.  And the few short years that my son, Drew, took the Metro to Corona to his dad’s, we would meet at the station to grab a bagel sandwich before he left, or when he arrived.  The bagel was a big part of the experience.  Union Bagel closed sometime in 2011, and the experience has never been the same.


Today, there is a Starbucks, Subway and a little market, but nothing compares to the bagel breakfast sandwich from Union Bagel.


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