98 The Car: Nancy

You might think that owning a vintage VW Bug is a quintessential Southern California thing to do, but the truth is, it is one of the first cars I ever drove – back in Iowa.  My dad was a bit of a car guy, which meant we often had a project car in the drive way.


When the day came that I needed to get a car for my son – for him to learn to drive – a VW Bug is what we got!  I know Drew and his friends (Mikee!) have so many stories in this car.  It was driven to the beach, pushed all over Glendale, crowded with too many kids, so many memories.

1972 Super Beetle – Drew’s First Car

A few years later when my daughter was ready for a car of her own.  We invested in another VW Bug.  This time it was a big project car and we strove to keep it stock.   She learned to drive a stick shift.  She can change the tire in record time and can pull the battery like a pro.  She knows the key components to get it started and can push start it if needed.  Love this car!

There is nothing cooler that cruising around Los Angeles in a vintage Beetle.  Even while you are sweating in your seat, with the windows down blowing your hair into a unruly nest, with that familiar rhythm of the VW ping echoing down the street – it is the essence of cool.  At least for me 🙂




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