94… The Cocktails: Tiki-Ti

I only recently found the Tiki-Ti after moving to Silver Lake.   Now I can just drop by and have drink – assuming there isn’t a line outside waiting for one of the 12 bar stools or the smattering of cocktails tables.

tiki-ti cocktail lounge

The Tiki-Ti, a family-run Polynesian-themed bar, it is only open after 4, Wednesdays through Saturdays and full of regulars.  Love it!

Their munchie mix is the best I’ve ever had, full of Dorito chips, Cheese-Its and more.  And then there are the drinks that involved dancing bulls and chanting.  When a Blood & Sand is prepared, people yell “toro, toro, toro” while a small battery operated bull dances on the bar.  And when an Uga Booga drink is ordered, everyone chants of “uga booga” over and over, and the bartender pours rum until the chanting ends.   Me, I just order whatever drink I haven’t tried yet – and with 92 drinks on their menu, I’m still making my way through the list.


Even though it is a landmark LA spot, you feel like you’ve landed on a little South Pacific island when you walk inside.


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