93… The Air

It is a funny thing to tell people that the one thing I miss when I am away; is the air.  Living in Los Angeles, one of the places with the worst pollution in the United States – you would not expect that I love the air.  It’s not like the clean, pure air of the mountain communities – where the air is clean and lean.   What is remarkable is the temperature and the level of humidity.

When I arrive at LAX, make my way through the myriad of construction always present at the airport and finally step outside to await a ride or locate the FlyAway bus, I take a deep breath and suck in a lung full of the smog infused air..and I feel at home!   I love the air, the way it stands just outside your skin, being just the right temperature. whether it is 50 or 90 degrees, it moves when you move, it feels perfect.  Not the smothering humidity of the East or the burning dry heat of the Southwest or the frigid cold that bites are your lungs.   It is perfect.

Of all the things on my list; this is the one reason I am confident I will return someday to Los Angeles.  I don’t know that I will be able to find a place with the air so perfectly acclimated to my being.


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