92… The Skyline

The landscape in Los Angeles is so diverse.  There are hills, valleys, mountains, canyons, cliffs, beaches, rivers and lakes – all in Los Angeles city proper.   With the mixture of landscape to add dimension and the creative nature of the community you would expect the Los Angeles skyline to be a collection of shapes.  But instead, it is quite flat and simple.

Los Angeles

The number of Los Angeles skyscrapers is limited, due to the city’s rigorous engineering standards.  Los Angeles’ proximity to the San Andreas fault line and the helipad requirement that was in place from 1958-2013 – have shaped the current Los Angele Skyline.


In addition to the downtown skyline being quite flat, it also spans a great many miles with several gatherings of tall building popping up across the city;  Hollywood, Century City, Westwood, Culver City, etc..  One of the unique things about Los Angeles is that there are several vantage points from which to view the ever changing and vast city.

Wanna join me to go visit a few of the many vantage points?

  1. Top of City Hall
    I’m taking the afternoon off work to do this one! – Check out the Meetup event.Check out Yelp to find out more.
  1. The Hollywood Sign at Mt. LeeYou can hike up to the top of Mt. Lee from a couple different paths, regardless, it is always a beautiful view!  I am going for a Sunset Hike up to the Hollywood Sign in July!
    Check out the Meetup event.
  1. Getty Center
    Check out Yelp to find out more.
  1. Turnbull Canyon
    Check out Yelp to find out more.
  1. Angels Point in Elysian Park
    A sweeping view of DTLA with Dodger Stadium perfectly in frame.
    Check out Yelp to find out more.
  1. Vista Hermosa Park
    Vista Hermosa Natural Park
    100 N Toluca St
    Los Angeles, CA 90026That bench shot with DTLA in the background is one of the most iconic in the city.
    Check out Vista Hermosa Park to find out more.
  1. Griffith Observatory
    Worth it to go at night to get the brilliant shot of the Observatory in the foreground with the shimmering lights of DTLA off in the distance.
    Check out Yelp to find out more.
  1. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook
    A 15 minute journey (give or take) up a steep set of stairs earns you a beautiful, expansive view over the entire city of Los Angeles. Also, it’s a pretty good workout for your glutesCheck out Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook to find out more.

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