83…The Beach: Santa Monica

Oh the beaches of Southern California!  Santa Monica is one of my favorites!  You can do everything at Santa Monica Beach!  It is typically crowded…but worth the effort to find parking.   Oh the things you can do!!

Beyond the normal beachy activities of basking in the sun and dunking yourself in the surf, you can also;

  • Roller blade down the miles of beach side cement path
  • Ride a roller coaster or Ferris wheel
  • See live performers, everything from amazing musicians to juggling chain saws
  • Bring a volleyball and start a game at one of the many beach courts set up
  • Grab dinner on the pier at the Mariasol or Bubba Gump Shrimp
  • Ride the historic carousel, which has been in several movies and tv shows
  • Rent a bike to spin around, there is 3-miles of bike path in Santa Monica, which connects to another 15-miles leading all the way down to Redondo Beach.
  • Hang out at the “playground” near Muscle Beach
  • Play video games in the arcade
  • Take in the sights at Muscle Beach
  • Buy California trinkets and t-shirts
  • Sip on a classic ice cream dish at vintage Soda Fountain near the carousel
  • Grab a corn dog at the original Hot Dog on a Stick http://hotdogonastick.com/our-story/

Santa Monica is a family favorite…and has been host a few birthday events too!

tate 12a



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