70…The Food: The Diners

Breakfast is my favorite meal, no matter the time of day.   Due to my love of breakfast I have managed to collect a small number of diners that serve breakfast all-day.  Here’s a snippet of the few I have frequented over the years.

  • Foxy’s Restaurant
    This would be Tate and I’s favorite places.  We started going when she was little – later we would site outside when we brought our puppy Rocky.
  • Astro Café
    This is our new local place.  It is where the famous diner scene from Pulp Fiction was filmed.  Recently we happen to sit in the booth next to John Ross Bowie from The Big Bang Theory.
  • Shaker’s  Restaurant
    This little dinner was once walking distance from our house.  They have homemade zucchini bread, yum!
  • Conrad’s Restaurant
    The only 24-hour restaurant in Glendale.  So no matter the time of day there is always breakfast!
  • Eat Well
    This is also a recent find.  It has always been there…but they have odd hours.  They close every day at 3 pm, so we often miss out on scrambled eggs.   Tate’s loves the breakfast burrito.  They have biscuits and gravy too!
  • House of Pies
    Ok so we came for the pie.  And they have every kind of pie!  They have chicken pot pie, meatloaf, and burgers.  Aaaannndd breakfast too!

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