55…The Beach: Long Beach

More beaches to explore in Los Angeles.  Long Beach is full of “stuff to do” – here are some of my favorites!

  • The Queen Mary
    The first time I visited the Queen Mary, I attended a Christmas Party.   The party was less than eventful, but I LOVED the ship.   Beautiful art-deco…and I still love visiting.  I’m not a fan of the “events” they have there…like the Haunted House, but going to the Observation Bar is a treat!
  • The Long Beach Aquarium
    This is a fun for kids and adults.  They do a great job with interactive activities.
  • Naples Island
    Naples Island is more of a residential areas, but there are gondola trips through the canals of Naples.
  • Downtown Long Beach
    Lots of great food and night life in Long Beach, like the Sky Room
  • Whale Watching
    There are other places to whale watch, but this is our typical spot.
  • Gateway to Catalina Island
    This is where we would start trips to Catalina Island.

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