52…The Diversity

I think the diversity in LA has been one of the most culturally expanding characteristics for me.   Moving here from the mid-west, I was constantly bombarded with new ethnicities and languages.  There’s a little story I tell about a small enlightening moment I had in the first few months I lived in Los Angeles.

I had stepped into a public restroom in a large major department store.  One of those bathrooms with comfy sofas and gold trim.  As I sat in my stall doing my thing, walled off from the other patrons – I overheard the neighboring conversations.   There was a women and a child next door, talking “business” and a couple of older women near the sink having a little debate.  I didn’t know that content of their discussions, because they were both happening in different languages.  I understood neither language, but I made some assumptions based on the tone and the context.   I remember thinking what an honor it was to be present while these folks were simply living their daily lives – in different languages.   It made me feel connected to the world at-large.

I don’t know why this moment was so significant to me, or why such a small thing would touch me in such a profound way – but I have always had a desire to see, hear and feel the whole world.

There are more than 140 nationalities and 200 languages spoken in Los Angeles – for me it is heaven!

The city also has the distinction of being a place without a majority population creating a true ethnic vibrancy.


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