45…The Stuff to do:  Olvera Street

Like most cities, Los Angeles has many ethnic neighborhoods.  Olvera Street is special it is the “birthplace” of Los Angeles.    The long narrow market is full of market stalls, street vendors, restaurants and gift shows.  Many of the merchants on Olvera Street are descended from the original vendors.

On the weekdays it pretty quiet, but on the weekends you might find music on the bandstand or other festivities.  There are several events celebrated on Olvera Street, things like;

  • The Blessing of the Animals
    An old tradition of blessing the animals, celebrated with a procession on Olvera Street, let by the Archbishop of Los Angeles.
  • Cinco de Mayo
    Cinco de Mayo is widely celebrated in the U.S. and there is a very traditional celebration along Olvera Street.
  • Mexican Independence Day
    Celebrated in September, the 16th to be exact. This is usually a weekend full of activities and entertainment.

When you visit Olvera Street, you can walk over to Union Station and take in a bit more Los Angeles history.  If you are in need of a bite to eat Philippe’s is just a few blocks away!  It can be an whole afternoon of historic Los Angeles.


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