35…Steve and Susan AND Dodger Elvis

Steve, Susan, Dave, Gary and Bill….who doesn’t love this group?  It is more than music, it is a party.  Steve puts on a great show.  Everything from Neil Diamond to Johnny Cash and the Ramones!   And then Susan picks up the mic and you are mesmerized, she has an amazing voice – it can be smooth and lovely or loud, rock-n-roll.  It is always surprising to hear such a voice come from that little person.


Being at one of Steve’s gigs is like being at a big house party.  Throughout the night he’ll have other musicians join the party.  You’ll hear 40’s and 50’s music from Harry or Smitty will stop by and bellow out some Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World.   Steve will unplug and walk through the dining room with his guitar.   Steve mixes it up and does wardrobe changes — from Buddy Holly specs, Neil Diamond glitter or Johnny Cash black.

One of my favorite stories is Dodger Elvis…his very first performance.   And here it is:

It was a few nights after Halloween and I was at Jax soaking up some music with Steve and Susan.  I was sitting at the end of the bar, closest to the band.  My favorite spot.  And in walks Elvis Presley.    Danny Del Toro.  He’s dressed in full Elvis gear.  The 1970’s jumpsuit, the big sun glasses and a smattering of gold rings.  He’s got it all going on.  He walks up and stands next to me.  We start chatting and I learn that Danny is going to sing tonight.  He’s never sang before – besides Karaoke.   He bought the Elvis suit for Halloween.  It was a thing.  He wanted to be Elvis for Halloween and he wanted to do it right.   His friend Steve, saw his Halloween picture on Facebook and said, come on down and sing some Elvis with us this weekend.  And that was what he was doing.   Just being fun…getting the most from his Halloween purchase.

Steven did a bang up introduction and Danny took the stage.  It was fun.  He got into the part, he sang a couple Elvis tunes and that was it.  He stepped down off the stage, finished his drink and relieved he relaxed and enjoyed the night.   Danny then became a regular guest with Steve and crew.  He would walk in with his studded suit and catch everyone’s eye.  He’d take the stage and shake and shimmy until sweat dripped from his side burns.  Soon Danny was getting some of his own gigs and by the year’s end, Danny was asked to be Dodger Elvis!  They bought him a Dodger Blue suit, he has his own bobble head on sale at the Dodger gift shop and he’s part of the show at Dodger Stadium.  Danny is the only person I know who has turned a Halloween costume into a full time job!



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