30…The People: Jax

My bar, yes…despite all the other customers and all the wonderful folks who have worked at Jax, I have always and still do consider Jax MY bar.  It is gone now.  According to the local news it will re-open someday as a full-service restaurant for the hotel upstairs.   Will there be live music? Will the same “vibe” be there?  I sincerely doubt it.   But I have my memories! And my people!

I can’t list them all – but here’s a little list….


Lynetta’s accent was unrecognizable, and Joe was always funny.

I made 50 cupcakes for Faith & Raul, and Michael had after-hour house parties.

Mary and I loved the Dynamite Shrimp, and Zena was always in vintage.

Derek and I went to Canada, and I met Bob in Detroit.


I baked banana bread for Lenny every fall, and Gary took me sailing.

Reggie was the gentleman in the vest, and Giselle was my workout buddy.

Greg and I exchanged Chuck Norris jokes, and Candi kept Saturday nights fun.

George made sure we all had a drink, and I went to Kenny’s play.

Dearly loved my little jazz bar, and all those who made it sing.


Nikki & Cecil turned me on to the Ploughboys, and Cali road a Segway.

Kristine made the Cheeseburger Salad a thing, and Paul danced with me on Friday nights.

Richard & Marisela loved Jack too, and Marilyn lived around the corner.

Kim and her mom were a delight, and Bill and I wasted time.


Travis sketched while listening to my work stories, and Eddie always smelled good.

Al was always at the end of the bar, and Lorenzo lived on the same block.

Kristen and I shared a love of French food, and Tracy was karaoke crazy.

I went to Mike’s Christmas party, and I made Preston a scarf.

Dearly loved my little jazz bar, and all those who made it sing.



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