29…The View: Driving Down Sunset Blvd

I know this sounds weird, but taking a drive down Sunset Blvd on Thursday afternoon at three, or on Sunday morning might sound like an odd thing to do.   It is a nice way to spend an hour or so.

Instead of watching another re-run sitcom on tv – my daughter and I might just hop in the car and go for a drive down Sunset Blvd.   Moving to Silver Lake meant we were just a 3-minute drive from Sunset Blvd.  And once you are on Sunset, anything can happen.

So we cruise by the Bate’s Motel all coated in white paint and someone will inevitably be doing an amateur photo shoot outside, you might spot a celebrity hanging out on the sidewalk near the Silver Lake triangle, for sure you’ll see the odd ball, like the woman in go-go boots and a white fake fur on ninety-degree Saturday afternoon.   You might get caught up in traffic near the Hollywood Chinese Theater due to a movie premiere – with red carpet and the full shebang.  There will be pockets of Scientologists handing out pamphlets near the Scientology Center.

We might drive through Arby’s – the only Arby’s within 20-miles.  Or stop at In-n-Out.  But most likely we just make the drive up past Highland and turn back.   It is a mecca of people watching and never misses a beat to be entertaining.


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