22…The Weather: You never have to go inside

Maybe the temperature will drop below 50-degrees for a day or two..and in recent years we have seen our fair share of days in the triple digits – but overall Los Angeles weather is spectacular year-round.  Eating outside is a regular thing.   Going for a hike or a bike ride are year-round activities.  You never have to check the temperature to know what to wear.  You can nearly always wear shorts and t-shirt.  In the winter months you might have to grab a sweater to be outside for more than a few minutes and it may rain for a day or two…but mostly it is sun shiny and lovely!    I will never tire of the weather.

One of the things I’ve noticed is how much people from other places in the country talk about the weather.  I am always asked – “what’s the weather like” – and I don’t really know how to respond.  It’s fine….   For most people the massive flux of weather in their area makes this a topic of conversation.  Unless it is raining (which is a major story in LA) or we are experiencing a full week of triple digits…weather is not really discussed. We just accept that it is beautiful outside and hopefully get outside enough to enjoy it.


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