20…The Stuff to do: Hiking Millard Canyon

I first went hiking here when my son Drew was still in a stroller.  And I took him in his stroller on the hike.  I had one of those monster, off-road strollers.  But when I got there, I realized that the hike was more of an obstacle course – navigating back and forth across the creek that ran the length of the canyon.   He was two-years old, and walking, so I put the stroller back in the car and we did the adventure on foot.   Since that day I’ve been back to this little canyon many times.  It is a short hike about 1.5 mile each way.  The pay-off is that the hike ends at a small water fall.  There is a small little pool of water, which can be a few inches or a couple of feet depending on the time of year.   The best part of this hike is that is shaded.  Many hiking locals in Southern California are quite stark and dry.  It can be hot and dusty.  Millard Canyon is always an adventure.   The trail takes you back and forth across the creek.  You will see all kinds of critters along the way.  You’ll teeter across logs, climb over boulders and hop from moss covered stone to stone.   In the heat of the summer it is a cool, shaded walk…the entire hike takes place inside the shelter of the canyon.

I’ve hiked with the kids here, we’ve camped, taken Girl Scouts, Tate had her 10th Birthday party as a camping overnight here, I’ve taken my running group on a field trip here.  It is a lovely part of Los Angeles County…it is actually in Altadena.


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