16…The Stuff to do: The Silverlake Meadow

I’ll admit it…I didn’t really understand how fabulous the Silverlake Meadow was until I moved a block away.  I had driven by the meadow hundreds of times but never stopped to get out and enjoy it.  Why would you? It is just a large patch of grass next to the cement lake.  It is tucked inside the 2+ mile trail around the lake, so it is a perfect place to rest before or after you run or stroll around the lake.

What I didn’t know was how special the spot is.  Yes, it is just a little patch of grass. No, there are no swings or play things for your kids.   Yes, there are benches along the perimeter of the meadow.  Yes, there is a little water fountain to re-fill your water bottle or give your pooch a drink.  What is so special you ask? In my opinion, two things.  First, all the things I mentioned already.  It is quiet there are no play things for kids, but there are kids…they are on blankets with their parents or kicking a soccer ball with friends.  But it is not just a mad house for little ones.  Second, no dogs.  I am a dog lover!! But no dogs on this small patch of grass means that little kids who are just toddling about can walk and crawl in the grass without worry they will happen upon some dog mess left by some rude dog owner.  I can plop down in the grass after a run and look at the sky – with the grass under my head.  It is delightful!


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