8…The Attire (no need for real shoes)

I have spent my entire adult life living in Southern California, so I learned my adulting etiquette in Los Angeles.  Which means “appropriate attire” translates to “no shoes, no shirt, no service”.  Restaurants and clubs do require shoes and shirts – sort of – you can walk right in wearing flip-flops and a bikini top.  A dance club might look for a little more — but only those snobby little places — we have those.

I was shocked one evening when a group of co-workers and I were in search of a dinner spot in Boston and were turned away because one of my male co-workers was wearing jeans.   He had on a sports coat and nice shoes – but the jeans, that was not appropriate…   Since I have learned that most places in the country have a dress code and that we are uniquely blessed in Los Angeles with our “come as you are” policy.


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