3…The Stuff to do: The Districts Downtown 

Downtown Los Angeles has been on a “come-back” for several years – which means there are more and more places to eat, live and shop downtown.  Even before the revitalization there were some great places to eat and shop, here are some of the lovely neighborhoods in downtown.

  • The Arts District, an industrial area that was transformed into an artist community.   Today there are art galleries, photography studios and small media companies.  The best part is the monthly Art Walks.
  • Bunker Hill, is home to downtown’s cultural epicenter.  The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles Central Library and the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
  • Chinatown, is just what you expect.  A bustling little community of shops and restaurants – you can visit a temple, antique shop or eat dumplings.
  • The Fashion District, the center of the apparel industry – with shops, designers, students and wholesale buyers.  A great place to find textiles (amazing fabric deals).
  • The Flower District, the wholesale flower shops are all here.  You don’t have be flower retailer to get the deals in the flower district.  The other beauty is that you don’t have to buy in bulk.  Need flowers for an event or just need a bouquet for your table, the Flower District is the best place to find any and everything you could imagine.
  • The Jewelry District, like the flower district, there is a plethora of little shops full of jewels, chains and beads…if you are itching to craft a pair earrings – this is the place.
  • The Toy District, I was first introduced to the toy district was by my daughter’s third grade principal.  We were shopping for a Secret Santa event at the school and we needed a whole shop full of inexpensive toys and gift items that the children could “buy” with their tickets for their family and friends.   I was amazed at the variety and price of the items.  We bought beaded bracelets, cute little teddy bears, winter scarves and light-up pens.   It was a complete blast!

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