21…The Cocktails: The Library Bar

I found this little place a few years ago.  It is a very small, swanky little bar.  It is just a block or so from the Central Library and across the street from the Standard Hotel downtown.     I like the warm feeling in this place and they make some nice craft cocktails. Advertisements

36…The Cocktails: The Corner Bar

When you have spent too many nights at Jax or Dave’s you have to start venturing out.  You might start out at the Blue Room next door, then you meander to the Corner Bar.  Why….just ‘cause.   Some folks come for the Karaoke – but I come for the friends, the Jenga and the easy vibe….

42…The Cocktails: The Blue Room

I didn’t venture out beyond my little jazz pub, Jax – but I did enjoy the Blue Room.   It is a nice little bar, with a couple of dart boards in the back.  There is small patio out back, mostly for smokers.   No music here – but a great place for a cocktail and conversation.

53…The Cocktails: Dave’s

Pineapple and gin!  Thanks Tanya!  Dave’s is the oldest bar in Glendale…and became the “after-hours” party place.   After the bar at Jax would close, we would head over to Dave’s for a little more…fun! I met some wonderful people at Dave’s and was introduced to some pretty cool music too!  

61…The Cocktails: Damon’s Steakhouse

Damon’s house cocktail is the Chi Chi…and it is as fun to drink as it is to say. My favorite story at Damon’s is the Karaoke with Erica. Here’s the story: Erica, who is a 6-foot tall drag queen used to host karaoke on Saturday nights at Damon’s.  One night very late, I happened to…

69…The Cocktails: Good Luck Bar

I don’t know why I love the atmosphere of this place so much, but I do.   It can get a little “hipster” on the weekends, but through the week it is a nice after work spot and next door to the Vista Theater!   After the theater closes, they bring over the popcorn and if you…

82…The Cocktails: Jax

Oh the many, many drinks I’ve had a Jax!  My little bar is gone now…and yes…I’m quite heartbroken.  But the memories are still there.   I’m just going to list the various drinks and memories that go along with them.  This is by no means a comprehensive list…just a selected few that have stayed in my…

89…The Cocktails: Cole’s

I happened upon this quaint little place by accident.  My daughter and I love the 5 Cent Diner that is just around the corner.   The 5 Cent Diner has odd hours, they are closed on Mondays and the rest of the week, they are closed between 3:30 and 6:00 pm.  So we would make the…

94… The Cocktails: Tiki-Ti

I only recently found the Tiki-Ti after moving to Silver Lake.   Now I can just drop by and have drink – assuming there isn’t a line outside waiting for one of the 12 bar stools or the smattering of cocktails tables. The Tiki-Ti, a family-run Polynesian-themed bar, it is only open after 4, Wednesdays through…